About US

Our 7 Zeed is Thailand Online Game Publisher Company, with aspiring and more than 10 years experience in gaming industry, we sincerely give service to the players, include building a friendly relationship and social with all of players, attending many details, for example, choosing a game from overseas and planning a game step.

Including organize special events in a game that is suitable for Thai players. Now the online game world is growing rapidly, so all of our working team need to improve ability all the time and simultaneously being strong and confidence for reaching international service provider of the online world in the future

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  • Zeed Care Service

    About our Zeed Care, we confirm that everyone in our working team would sincerely give service, seriously reach to the customer needs, taking care, giving an advice and ready to help all of players. All of service would base on rightness and emphasize that everyone could get along, live happily together and satisfied for using our service.

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    Contact Zeed Care
    Everyday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
    Call : 02-530-4532

    Zeed Care Zeed Care, Thank you for let us taking care of you
    7 Zeed Team

  • Zeed Card Service

    Zeed Card or Zeed Wallet is an Online Wallet that could thoroughly help you check and manage spending money status, you could select transfer “Zeed” into a game that you need or comfortable to select all of promotions, the value of recharge money into “Zeed Wallet” system would change “Zeed” money value according to “Zeed Card” value that available at all around shops or selling Top Up Card shops.
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  • Zeed Dealer

    Giving service of Zeed card that give you a worthy “Zeed”” more than others, and get more privileges, just call (hotline) 081-916-6334 or 081-257-1615.
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    Snakey Heroes
    Ultimate Pirate



Working with & Being a part of 7 Zeed

7 Zeed Co., Ltd., we are Thailand Online Game Publisher Company, we are looking for aspiring, new generation of people,
and let’s walk together to the successful way with us.
Just prepare your documents and find us !

We are ready for interviewing you immediately !! No need to waste time for waiting.

  • Web Programmer

    Job Qualifications
    • - Male (conscripted) or female aged between 22 - 30 years
    • - Both new graduate and people experienced in working are welcomed
    • - Bachelor’s degree above in Science, Computer, Computer Engineering, Computer Science or any related field
    • - Skilled at developing a web site by HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript language
    • - Ability to link MSSQL, MySQL or ORACLE database working
    • - Able to design and analyze system working
    • - Understand SELECT * FROM me INNER JOIN you ON me.heart=you.heart WHERE me.love=TRUE AND you.love=TRUE
    • - Ability to write Facebook Application or using Linux is a plus
    • - Having good human relation and coordination
    • - Responsible and able to work at a fixed time
  • Translator (Chinese-Thai)

    Job Qualifications
    • - Bachelor’s degree in Chinese language or any related field
    • - Good command of spoken, listening, reading and written Chinese
    • - Experience in translating Chinese-Thai and Thai-Chinese will be given special considerations
    • - Good knowledge of Microsoft Office
    • - Skilled at typing Chinese
    • - Ability to read simplified and traditional Chinese
    • - Good communication skills and ability to coordinate with overseas
    • - Highly dedicated to work, fast learning and ability to work under pressure
    • - Interested in or ever played a game is a plus
  • Designer

    Job Qualifications
    • - Male or female
    • - Bachelor’s degree above in any related field
    • - Knowledgeable and understanding about Graphic working
    • - Ability to use Graphic program, such as, Photoshop and Illustrator
    • - Ability to work about Animation and Flash actionscript will be given special considerations
    • - Both new graduate and people experienced in working are welcomed
    • - Able to work at a fixed time and responsible
    • - Please bring your own works that ever did by yourselves for interviewing
  • Customer Service

    Job Qualifications
    • - Male or female aged between 20 - 27 years
    • - Senior high school degree above
    • - Ability to give advice, service and introduce about a game
    • - Ability to answer the questions and update everything on Facebook at a fixed time
    • - Responsible and able to work under pressure
    • - Able to work on shift
  • Application documents

    - A copy of identification card
    - A copy of household registration
    - Education transcript / Education background
    - 2 photos (1 inch)
    - Resume (if any)
    - Portfolio (if any)

  • Please send your documents to our e-mail : hr@7zeed.net
    After receive application documents, we would appoint you to interview within 48 hours.
    Monday - Friday 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM